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Shoprite of drxeline – metro phillly development

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Making Pat’s Dream a Reality

Over two years in the making, the process of designing the interior and exterior look for the ShopRite of Drexeline was a multifaceted journey. The design challege was to seamlessly blend creativity, functionality, and brand identity to an inviting space for customers. It began with a clear definition of the store’s objectives and brand identity, followed by market research to understand the target audience and current industry trends. Design concepts and renderings were developed encompassing elements such as color schemes, paints, materials, and lighting. Detailed 3D models  were created to tightly collaborate with architects, contractors and ownership to ensure the practicality of the design, with attention to technology integration and inclusion of branding elements.  Broden Design Group’s fabrication and installation of decor elements led to the final implementation of the design. Top standards were met before the grand opening, which was celebrated on September 1st to mark the culmination of a well-executed and customer-centric project.


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